After Green Kleen’s success in the home care market, the next step is entering hotels, with a range of simple-to-use natural cleaning products that are safer than traditional products and better value for money.

Certified 99 per cent natural, the products are New Zealand-made, and work under a basic dosing system.

“We sell our products at the same price as competitors, but ours are more concentrated and extremely economical. With the simple dosing system used, it’s an eco-friendly way to do it,” Green Kleen’s national sales manager Simon Yandall said.

There are instant benefits for hotel guests and staff, as the products are non-irritant and avoid build up of toxins, and a growing number of guests prefer not to have their rooms cleaned with harsh chemicals. Room service staff don’t need to worry about skin irritation that may result in using bleach every day.

“It’s a growing trend that people don’t want hotel rooms that are cleaned with chemicals, especially bleaches.”

The range’s simple dosing system relies on colour coding. When the colour matches the label on the bottles, it is the right solution. If the colour isn’t strong enough, it’s obvious. This means that germs are more easily taken care of. It also matches the colour coded cloth, such as a red product with a red cloth.

Green Kleen is available as 1 litre, 5 litres, 20 litres or up to 200 litres for hotels, which, when diluted, can then be put into trigger bottles. Dilution rates are also higher than other cleaning products, with water added to all Green Kleen products.

The numbered system is straightforward and simple for cleaning regimes where hotel cleaning staff have English as their second language.

Offering six products, the range is numbered 1 to 6, including sink/tile cleaner, glass and stainless, and multi-purpose.

BJ Ball Group is the company behind Green Kleen, which has a long-standing reputation for products and services that support sustainability and responsible business practice.

Having been worked on for two years, the products are already effectively distributed, and can be bought directly from Green Kleen.

“We are offering a product that is natural, can save costs by dilution rates, and is simple to use.

“The chemicals work really well. We’ve tested the products against standard cleaning products, and they’ve exceeded,” Yandall said.

For more information contact Simon Yandall on 09 579 0050.