As part of the Front House Competitions at the NZ Hospitality Championships, a bedmaking competition was reintroduced in 2015. Now making a comeback, the event proved so popular with both event competitors and spectators that organisers NZChefs have decided to make it a permanent fixture.

Based on speed, accuracy and skill, with points awarded for the time taken to make the bed, the competition focuses on tidiness, quality, presentation and the overall look of the bed.

The competitor must have good manners, be knowledgeable and be able to work quickly and orderly while demonstrating efficiency.

This year’s NZChefs National Salon, NZ’s hospitality championship event, is being held from 28-31 July at the Logan Campbell Centre, ASB Showgrounds. A wide range of competitions are planned across all levels for culinary, restaurant service and hospitality staff.

Staff can challenge themselves by entering the competition against their industry peers.

Also making a return is the Cocktail Smackdown, where competitors must create a cocktail chosen by the spin of a wheel, Table Setting and Food & Beverage Classes.

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