EuroCave offers New Zealand hospitality providers premium wine fridges, cellar conditioners, racking, wine service and preservation equipment. Considered top of the line, the innovative shelving is made to the highest quality and accommodates a wide range of bottles.

Foxes Island Wines are the New Zealand suppliers of EuroCave.

Director Kelly Brown said it is all about a customer’s experience when they are served a glass of wine.

Front of house might be going beautifully before customers are served wine that has been oxidised, not the right temperature or open too long, she said.

“Consumers don’t give themselves enough credit to taste wine. You’re paying a lot for your glass of wine, and you should have total confidence in sending wine back. It’s about knowing that people can feel good about wine.”

For hospitality providers, EuroCave delivers profitability through multi-temperature offerings and real attention to detail in the wine cabinets, which feature soft closing slide drawers, refined lighting techniques and are usually set at about 16 degrees Celsius.

The compact units offer shelving options and aluminium on the inside rather than plastic.

They are designed to fit in kitchen spaces, are a real investment and built to last, Brown said.

“A lot of people drink their wine too warm, especially red wine.”

Brown said serving wine at the right temperature is especially important when Auckland is trying to earn itself as a world-class culinary city.