After identifying a gap in the New Zealand market, Kevin Cox, owner of The New Zealand Dessert Company approached various individuals nationwide and explored the opportunity of making desserts locally, utilising the best products available. As it is all about brand in New Zealand, Cox felt it would be perfect to enable the company to launch into the Export Market while supplying a local base. He relocated to Tauranga and set about re-engineering the recipes and embarking on the process to build a customised facility that was capable of meeting the demand. After three years of supplying the domestic market under various private labels, the company is rapidly expanding into the Far East and both the Middle East and South America.

What is your offering?

The current range of products manufactured by The New Zealand Dessert Company are made ensuring that there are no artificial flavours, colours, additives in them and all abide by our motto ‘Just Goodness You Can Taste’. One of the most important features of our products is that it truly contains cream cheese while other large brands have no trace of it in their ingredients. Consumers should be aware that not all products are what they seem! Using imagery indicative of the good values associated with ‘Made in New Zealand’ in our packaging, we have capitalised on the unique feature of goodness and wholesomeness.

What’s new with The New Zealand Dessert Company?

Recently we have launched into the single-serve portion-controlled convenience sector and are rapidly gaining traction into the foodservice and other convenience markets. With a consumer demand for ‘grab-and-go’, alongside an ageing population and time-short consumers, this is where we see great growth for our products.

Future plans for the company?

Every business needs to keep up with their innovation and we are no different. Finding areas of expansion and capitalising on current trends, present both challenges and rewards. Staying stagnant in one area too long can limit opportunities, so we are in the process of launching new product ranges across a wide area, while still keeping within our core capabilities. Watch for more developments and launches on retailer shelves soon!

We are always on the hunt for more companies looking to find a contract manufacturer, in-line with our core business as we have a state of the art facility with high product standards and screening.

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