New Zealand’s first Salt Cave Halotherapy, Salt Cave has been built on Auckland’s North Shore. The Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre is the perfect place for your guests to relax, offering health rejuvenation and maintain well-being. The contemporary wellness centre is within a man-made Salt Cave. This cave has been created from Himalayan rock salt. Salt Halotherapy has been incredibly popular in Europe for many years and its popularity is spreading worldwide. All of the salt used in the Salt Cave has come from organic Himalayan salt caves.

After years of research, analysis and experience in the health profession, founder Prashant Saraf, who is originally from Nepal – the Himalayan kingdom, has built the Salt Cave to offer New Zealanders and visitors a natural healing treatment.

The Salt Cave Halotherapy is to clear lungs of toxins or viral infections and refresh the respiratory tract. Clinical studies have shown that a salt cave treatment can be beneficial for people suffering from skin conditions, ear conditions, snoring, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression caused by respiratory disorders.

This form of natural therapy dates back over 200 years, utilising beneficial properties of salt mines. In ancient times, sick people were taken in salt caves and allowed to breathe in salt particles.

Salt Cave Halotherapy is a drug-free, completely natural therapy with no proven side-effects and is suitable for all ages from six months and up. For more information and to offer exclusive prices for your guests contact Prashant Saraf on or visit