SmartStrand Forever Clean ‘Rhino’ Carpet

Sometimes accidents just happen. And sometimes carpet ends up being on the receiving end. Thankfully Carpetcourt have released SmartStand Forever Clean 'Rhino' carpet. This carpet is made with Nanoloc spill protection technology. It has built-in stain and soil resistance for quick and easy cleanup.

SmartStrand Forever Clean is the perfect carpet choice for households with kids, pets and clumsy adults. It has permanent stain resistance locked into the fibres of the carpet so it won't wear or wash off. Each fibre is encapsulated with the new Nanoloc Technology to prevent the fibre from absorbing dirt and spills.  This combined with its superior bounce back qualities helps keep your carpet looking fresh and new.

SmartStrand Forever Clean was put under the ultimate test as it was installed in Ricko the 1200 kilogram rhino's enclosure at a United States zoo. Ricko lived in his carpeted enclosure for two weeks and after it was cleaned the carpet came out looking just like new. And that's how it got the name 'Rhino' Carpet. Whatever animal you have SmartStrand forever clean has you covered with an All Pet Protection Guarantee.

Stop worrying about you messy children, grubby pets' and ditzy friends. Accidents are always going to happen but you won't ever have to worry with SmartStrand Forever Clean 'Rhino' Carpet.