Airports are stressful places at the best of times. Those travellers who are pressed for time during a layover don’t have the chance to wander through the various retail offerings that an airport may present. While there has been a recent rise of apps informing travellers of the choices they have, the fact that a vast majority of layovers are for less than one hour (89 per cent, according to research by AtMyGate) means that minutes spent lining up, ordering and waiting cuts into the already limited time. Now, food delivery services such as Deliveroo, foodora and AtYourGate are

“AtYourGate bring the popular experience of mobile ordering and delivery into the airport,” said president David Henninger. “Travellers are use their mobile devices to shop online from existing airport food and retail outlets, and then choose to pick up purchased items or have them delivered to a location inside the airport.”

Henninger also pointed out that increased efficiency at the airport could result in increased efficiency from the airlines themselves through the amount of time saved.