Entries are now open for this year’s New Zealand Food Awards. Entries are open from May 1 until June 30 for all local food and beverage manufacturers and artisanal producers to enter the competition.

Aimed at both small and large manufacturers, as well as primary food producers, food service providers and ingredient supply companies, the event offers a great chance to celebrate industry innovation and showcase products and businesses, receiving feedback from an expert judging panel and industry peers.

As a leading provider of knowledge for food and health innovation in New Zealand, Massey University organises the NZ Food Awards recognising the creativity, innovation and excellence of our largest export sector. Each year the NZ Food Awards celebrate new initiatives in food and beverage production and manufacturing, identifying not only company leaders who inspire others to meet their standards of excellence but the creative work of product innovators in F&B innovation,  nutrition, enterprise, food safety and quality.

Entries are now open for this year's NZ Food Awards and all local food and beverage manufacturers will have until 30 June 2017 to enter the competition. With a range of categories and the special Artisan Award sponsored by SupermarketNews magazine there is opportunity here for brands to gain a NZ Food Awards quality mark.

The winner of the Artisan Award this year will receive a prize valued at $30,000 which includes:

  • $10,000 advertising campaign in SupermarketNews or Restaurant & Café Magazine
  • Half-day photoshoot
  • A day at the FoodBowl Auckland
  • Association memberships
  • Annual Subscription to SupermarketNews and Restaurant & Cafe magazines
  • Annual Subscription to Restaurant & Café Magazine