Following numerous studies and surveys of hotel guests, results have shown that most reviews and posts about accommodation providers include pictures and comments about food snacks and beverages. Inter-Fridge have teamed up with Tefcold to ensure New Zealand accommodation providers are giving guests exceptional minibar offerings.

Inter-Fridge minibars’ manufacturer partner and the supplier of Tefcold, is based in Viborg, Denmark. Tefcold has experienced a continuous growth throughout the years thanks to an increasing number of loyal clients, such as Inter-Fridge. They are an innovative and reliable supplier of commercial refrigeration equipment and services and the team at Inter-Fridge are always excited about their new products as they stand out with the design and quality. The best testimony to this statement is their minibars absorption coolers range which are brought the NZ market by Inter-Fridge.

The minibars are available in three different sizes, with solid or glass door. The absorption system ensures silent operation and all models are supplied with key lock and internal LED light. The lighting is superb increasing a visual impact making product more inviting to be consumed.

The team couldn’t be happier with the TM minibar range and they are sure you will be too. Now, it’s time to make the move and install or update existing minibars with Inter-Fridge new minibar range, because when it comes to customer satisfaction during a hotel stay all the little things quickly add up and can transform the hotel stay from average to exceptional.

Inter-Fridge Ltd imports and distributes quality commercial refrigerated and heated display and storage cabinet solutions from European, Asian, and Australian manufacturers to coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, caterers, convenience stores and supermarkets of New Zealand.