Naumi Dottie room interiors

Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport’s signature colourful interior design came out victorious in the 2018 Interior Awards.

Designed by Material Creative and Muir Design Solutions, the hotel won the award in the Hospitality category.

Incidentally, the hotel was Material Creative’s first hotel project as their core experience is in the retail and hospitality sector.

A hallmark of Naumi hotels is their designer-inspired rooms. Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport features two; the Dotti room inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, and the Ziggy room inspired by fashion icon Missoni.

“This project benefits tremendously from several bespoke pieces, inspired or designed by local artists,” Architecture Now’s jury said. “This is a playful, unexpected, sensory experience that merits an accolade as much for the end product as for the daring spirit that conceived it.”

The Hospitality award category recognises a café, bar, restaurant, motel, hotel, or boutique lodge that achieved excellence in commercial interior design.

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