Mil-tek bag

The Mil-tek value proposition – that, you can’t improve what you don’t measure – supports how a customer can effectively manage waste along a journey of sustainability.

Mil-tek is the pre-eminent supplier of waste compactors, balers and bagging solutions in New Zealand. Its extensive range of baling, compactor and bagging solutions are designed to stream and segregate specific waste material in that first (vital) step of reducing waste to landfill. Mil-tek works with customers to evaluate waste material stream impacts within their operational processes, identifying the composition of recyclable materials and helping manage waste inputs and outputs.

By implementing relatively simple but continuous improvements, segregating waste in the workplace, managing key materials into high density, cleanly sorted, low contaminated bales, it is possible to turn waste collection from a cost centre into a revenue-generating activity. Well managed BAU processes at waste ‘hot-spots’ will help identify materials capable of a revenue return. They help customers identify and manage waste streams to the point of collection. Start by providing waste stations to collect and segregate waste where it is created and disposed of.

Mil-tek is a solution provider to some of New Zealand’s most respected and foremost thinking companies. Savings of up to 50 percent on the costs of managing and disposing of general waste to landfill is an achievable and feasible target.

They provide turn-key waste material solutions by offering a combination of different products. So, identify a start-point for making your own business (and that of others) more sustainable.