Digital Creativity

ImagineBDR has experience in designing and wrapping large objects like trucks, cars and even buildings – but the Burns & Ferrall Great Container Kitchen was the first time they’d been tasked with helping to create a mobile container restaurant.

“There have been some really clever uses of containers, and we’re stoked to be a part of it,” said Imagine BDR CEO Jason Hall. “I think the container mall in Christchurch after the earthquakes really helped people think outside the square. Burns & Ferrall have a branch down there so it’s nice to think that some good came out of a bad situation.”

ImagineBDR was involved in the initial creative discussions, and Hall and the ImagineBDR team were excited and committed to getting the project off the ground. Imagine BDR designed the exterior look and feel of the container, specifying the adhesives before printing and wrapping the container on-site at CSL Containers.

“Tony [Broome] and the team are fantastic at onboarding suppliers, making it really easy to work together,” Hall said. “Briefs are clear and the culture is very open so it’s really easy to engage and get stuff done. This project has been no different.”

For Hall, the highlight of the project was finally bringing the container to life. “Seeing the excitement of the staff from both companies, actually realizing that we had done it, was great – followed closely by the public launch a few weeks later.”

Hall has some idea of what he’d do with the container, if he were lucky enough to win it.

“I love the concept of the container being mobile, so it’d be so great to tour it to the best beaches over summer,” he said. “Other than that, it would be superb on Rangitoto. I know it’s DOC land, but still, how awesome would that be?”