Buro stackable chairs.

Seating plays a role in almost all areas of a hotel. Seats are found in the lobby, in restaurants and bars, meeting spaces, and of course in guest rooms behind desks and all lounging areas.

When refurbishing you need to make sure your chairs are up to the high standard of the rest of the interiors. Sitting in an uncomfortable or painful chair in a conference room for hours will drive guests mad and could warp their entire perception of a property.

Buro Seating is a New Zealand company that’s been operating for almost 25 years, manufacturing and wholesaling commercial seating throughout Australia and New Zealand. To ensure all its seating is as ergonomic as possible, Buro works exclusively with ergonomists who are involved in the design and ergonomic assessment of selected models within the Buro’s seating ranges. Among their collections, Block, 8x4, Hady and Neo are contemporary design pieces ideal for receptions, foyers or lounging areas. Furthermore, the Diablo and Harmony chairs are ideal for guest rooms behind a desk. Both chairs have an intuitive chair mechanism which automatically adjusts the recline tension on the chair for each user.

For more than eight years, Buro has been using recycled and recyclable components in its seating products meaning it can offer a take-back programme to recycle old Buro chairs at the end of their life. Many of the chairs are also certified through Global Greentag, an eco-specifier which provides third-party environmental accreditation.

Buro is well-stocked with purpose-built warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch so it’s capable of supplying hotels of all sizes and can typically provide seating within five to ten working days of an order being made.

For more information on Buro Seating, call 09 271 5999 or email