Do guests need a hand with Instagram?

Ice cream in front of Pantheon.

Hotels and tour companies have started offering packages that offer a social media service. Last year, Ibis hotels in Switzerland launched an ‘Instagram-sitter’ service which hired social media influencers to take over holiday-goers Instagram accounts and post photo and stories on the guests’ behalf.

Now the Italian tour company Roma Experience has taken that idea to the next level, giving guests the option to hire an ‘Instagram boyfriend’ to capture all the candid moments.

“We know that social media has become a hugely influential factor for travellers,” said Davide Bolognesi, marketing manager, Roma Experience.

“It is important for us to keep up with the continually developing desires of our travellers, and as high-quality holiday snaps become an ever more important factor for travellers, we want to ensure we provide that.”

The package includes hiring a professional photographer to follow travellers around for three hours, snapping photos at Rome’s most famous landmarks.

The service does not come cheap, however, asking for an additional $590 (NZD) on top of the $1230 (NZD) starting price for the tour.