Qantas closer to flying record distances

Qantas aircraft in flight.

Qantas plans to fly record-breaking direct trips like Sydney to London, a journey over 17,000 km long.

Project Sunrise plans to create direct flights from London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York and Chicago to Australia.

Now those plans are one step closer to fruition, as plane makers like Boeing and Airbus submit their final offers on models capable of making the long journeys.

Last year Qantas began flying from London to Perth, but a new direct flight to Sydney would push the distance even further. The only possible longer direct flight path actively flown would be from Auckland to London.

If Qantas get their Sydney or Melbourne to London flight plans off the ground, it will be Singapore Airlines Ltd’s record of longest-flight, from Singapore to New York.

Long-distance flights will be beneficial for Qantas as it would cut their need to use gateway hubs like Los Angeles.