SKYCITY going carbon neutral in NZ this year

SKYCITY Auckland.

SKYCITY has revealed that the company’s New Zealand sites will be carbon neutral by the end of the year.

“Over the past year we have been working incredibly hard to measure our carbon footprint, understand our impact, set science-based targets, and develop the plan as to how, as a company, we can ensure we are taking action to limit global warming to below 2 degrees,” said Courtney Simpson, environment manager, SKYCITY.

“Already as a business, we’ve managed to cut our emissions by 8 percent, but this is just the start. By putting a price on carbon, we are adding a hard cost to the bottom line, giving a clear incentive to every SKYCITY team member to reduce emissions across the business.

Staff members have the opportunity to measure and offset their household carbon footprint, with SKYCITY matching their offset dollar-for-dollar. Members of the board and the executive team including Chairman Rob Campbell, CSR board committee chair Sue Suckling and chief executive Graeme Stephens have all gone carbon neutral.

“Climate change is recognised as one of the biggest risks facing the planet, and we have a responsibility to our investors and communities to take action and play our part,” said Stephens.

“For SKYCITY this is about creating a future that is not only carbon neutral but also sustainable for the company – and this makes sense both environmentally and financially.”

SKYCITY’s Adelaide properties will follow Auckland, going carbon neutral in 2020.