Marco Pierre White’s restaurants coming to Australia

Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White is looking to establish his restaurant brands in Australia. White plans to target hotels down under, as he believes they already have a market. White said, “You’ve got a foundation, and you have an infrastructure—that’s the beauty of hotels. I’m a great believer that you employ the hierarchy, and then those individuals build their team.”

“I don’t want to do three-star Michelin food, that’s a world many years ago. They have their place, but I don’t want to be part of that world. I just like simple and straightforward.”

White aims to take inspiration from each locality, serving up local produce at local prices. The most logical places for his ventures are Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

“It’s about simplicity and service with a smile in an environment you want to sit in.” His current British franchise brands include Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, New York Italian, Bardolino Pizzeria, Bellini & Espresso bar, Wheelers of St James Oyster Bar & Grill Room, etc.