Game-changing packaging

Health Pak has spent 20 years working to create environmentally-friendly packaging and processes. Their latest product, however, is poised to be a real game-changer.

The Ecostick is a direct replacement for bottles and tubes which contain the hair and body cosmetic products guests expect from accommodation providers. It offers the same guest experience but has instead been developed using ground-breaking technology and manufacturing processes allowing it to break down in landfill sites.

The new Ecostick packaging launches as part of the Forest & Bird range of toiletries and is aimed at addressing and responding to issues around plastic waste and New Zealand’s poor recycling infrastructure.

In New Zealand, there are no commercial facilities to deal with compostable packaging materials and most accommodation providers don’t have the time or ability to recycle all the plastic bottles going through the property.

The result is that most packaging, regardless of whether it’s marked as recyclable, degradable or compostable, ends up going to landfill.

The Ecostick is unique in that it’s the first paper-based material that’s able to hold a liquid long-term without leakage. Other paper-based packaging either uses a plastic coating or foil to prevent leaking, whereas Ecostick contains an additive which allows the plastic to break down in a landfill within three to ten years as opposed to the hundreds of years it would typically take.

“Guests and hotels have been looking for a product like this, so we’re hopeful that they will come to their senses and say this is the sort of guest amenity packaging they want. If every hotel and motel in the country took this on board, the impact on the environment and the reduction of waste would be astronomical,” said Toby Whyte, managing director, HealthPak.

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