First viable alternative to plastic packaging

New Zealand accommodation providers use an estimated 76 million bottles of shampoo, conditioner and bath gel a year. While most of these products will be packaged in recyclable bottles, almost all of it will go straight to landfill.

Some packaging companies claim to be biodegradable, but in reality, they usually rely on light and oxygen for the process to happen. However, once the waste is buried under landfill it no longer gets that light or oxygen it needs, and it won’t biodegrade.

“There are a lot of companies claiming their products are biodegradable when in fact they’re only oxo-degradable,” said Jimi Kennedy-Grant, general manager of sales and marketing, Health Pak.

Unlike other packaging, Ecostick is designed to go into landfill so it will break down in under ten years, while using only 5 percent of the packaging weight of a plastic bottle. Custom-made by Health Pak, Ecostick is the first viable alternative to plastic. It is made from a unique kind of paper-based packaging material, which ultimately has the potential to revolutionise the global accommodation industry.

“For the last 15 years we’ve done everything we can to make our products sustainable,” said Kennedy-Grant.

“Ecostick is the result of more than five years of research and development, and over half a million dollars in direct investment. We spent five years just working with our machine and paper manufacturers to create this material. Nowhere else in the world has anything like it.”

Ecostick is already used for single-use hair and body cosmetics among Health Pak’s biggest local hotel and motel chain clients.

It’s also already being used in hotels and motels under New Zealand’s Forest and Bird brand.

“The response to the product has been overwhelmingly positive, and uptake has been amazing. Ecostick finally creates a real alternative to plastic bottles, which take a thousand years to biodegrade.”

Progress on Ecostick has moved quickly, and the scope for the product is enormous.

“New Zealand sold something like five million room nights in January alone. We’re currently finalising the artwork for our Australian customers and have orders ready to go. Once the rest of the world finds out, we expect demand will be huge.”

For more information contact Jimi Kennedy-Grant on 09 578 6268 or email