Historic Oamaru hotel may have a buyer

The long-neglected Junction Hotel in Oamaru may soon have a local buyer, according to Waitaki Mayor Gary Kircher.

In a meeting earlier this year, Kircher confirmed that he’d had multiple meetings with the local buyer of the property.

The buyer is currently unnamed, and their intentions are also not known at this point.

The Junction Hotel was first constructed in 1879 and is designed in the style of other Victorian stone architecture buildings in Oamaru.

According to Heritage New Zealand “its substantial size, character and positioning hint at the grandness of Oamaru’s Victorian architecture, further into the township itself. Its positioning on State Highway 1 makes it an architectural landmark.”

“The Junction Hotel reflects a representative aspect of New Zealand history – the boom and bust nature of the colonial economy, in the turbulent history of its construction and operation,” Heritage NZ continued.