Panic buttons mandated for New Jersey hotel staff

The State of New Jersey has passed legislation which requires hotels to provide housekeeping staff with panic buttons.

The law comes into effect in January and applies to all hotels with 100 or more rooms.

“We must protect the safety of workers in the hospitality industry,” said Governor Phil Murphy.

“This new law will ensure that hotel employees performing their duties will have the means to summon immediate assistance if they are in danger.”

New Jersey is the first state to mandate the devices, although other states such as Washington and Florida and considering the similar laws.

“No one should ever have to work in fear,” said Loretta Weinberg, Senate majority leader.

“The isolating nature of hotel employees servicing private rooms puts them in a uniquely vulnerable position. A panic device to communicate to authorities outside of the room in the case of harassment and assault will go a long way to ensuring their safety, security and workplace wellbeing.”