Doing hotel laundry the right way

Staff putting clothes in a laundry system.

When laundry is done in-house, the control of the laundry is in the operator’s hands and can be done at the hotel’s own pace.

It means a hotel can save about 30 to 40 percent in costs. However, when laundries get old and the dust has settled, operational efficiency decreases. Duncan Gardiner, sales director at Speed Queen, said that when dealing with older laundries, it’s important to determine whether the equipment is still operating correctly or whether you need new machines.

“Is it delivering what it was intended to do ten years ago when it was put in?” asked Gardiner.

The fact is, outdated hotel laundry systems can be inefficient. An old laundry may have been great and cutting-edge when it was first set up, but it likely hasn’t remained up to that standard. The way the laundry was initially setup may now be costing you money.

If your laundry setup is old, there are probably better ways your laundry could be set up. That doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy new equipment though.

In one particular instance, Speed Queen was asked to assess a hotel’s dated laundry system. Instead of recommending buying an entirely new range of equipment, the team instead suggested that the hotel make some operational changes that would improve their efficiency and bring the running costs down dramatically. The hotel was pleasantly surprised at the advice which ultimately reduced its running costs and minimalised its capital expenditure.

“A big part of what we do is provide a free audit service,” said Gardiner.

This audit includes things like assessing equipment, the volume of linens going through, and the amount of staff involved. If any of these factors are out of line, the laundry will not be operating at full efficiency.

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