Rotorua hotel team volunteers to clear pests and save birds

Regent of Rotorua has teamed up with Rotorua Canopy Tours to volunteer in a pest trapping programme which Canopy Tours runs in a forest near the Mamaku Plateau.

The hotel is sending nine employees to help remove pests from the 100 traps set in the 5 hectare forest, set up by tourism representatives attending TRENZ back in May.

“It’s incredibly important to volunteer to show our concern for our little part of the world and the devastating effects that pests can have on our flora and fauna; to use our time to try to make a difference,” said Christine McDonald, hotel manager, Regent of Rotorua.

Previously, in the first week of the trapping operation over 160 rats, mice and possums were removed from the forest thanks to the tourism industry’s efforts.

“Conservation is at the heart of many of Rotorua’s most acclaimed tourist activities, and it’s inspiring to see the wider tourist industry is getting involved in protecting the environment,” said Paul Button, general manager, Canopy Tours.

“We commend the team at Regent for getting behind this cause, and we encourage others to pick up some traps and get involved too.”

Regent of Rotorua is part of the Brook Serene Boutique Hotel Collection