In the spirit of spirits

The annual Craft’d Wine + Spirits Festival is bringing New Zealand’s favourite boutique wine event to Auckland on Sunday the 21st of July. Come and see what New Zealand’s winemakers have to offer, and share a glass or two with a huge crowd of loyal fans. The Craft’d Wine + Spirits Festival has been running for several years now, previously being known as the Boutique Wine Festival.

Sue Duncan, Craft’d Events owner, said that the event aims to create a unique tasting experience like no other, allowing vineyards to showcase their wine in New Zealand’s largest market as well as offering attendees the chance to discover some of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets. “So many of the best wines in New Zealand come from small vintages and small producers, who put their heart and their passion into creating great vintages.”

For the first time this year, spirits are also joining the incredible line up of wines. “We wanted to give the amazing boutique spirit distillers a chance to show their craft as well—they’re just as passionate and skilled as our winemakers, even if the alcohol content is just a little higher.”

Tickets and can be found by clicking here. For any information of Craft’d Festivals, visit