They say it sometimes rains cats and dogs; in Australia, it would seem, it rains kangaroos.

At least, it does at the White Cliffs Underground Motel in far western New South Wales, where last week a rather surprised-looking kangaroo fell through the skylight and caused a bathroom to flood.

The motel is built within a series of caves on the side of a rocky hill, with glass skylights opening to the outside.

Peter Crawford, the motel's maintenance manager, spoke to NSW Country Hour presenter Michael Condon. "There was water everywhere because it had jumped into the sink and turned on the taps," he said. "I got a broom and gently ushered it back out of the motel, and then I started the clean-up."

White Cliffs is known for its opal mining industry and pastoral community, with plenty of sheep, cattle, and goat farms nearby.

Visitors from across Australia and overseas come to experience living underground, as many locals do in order to shelter from the intense heat.