A motel in West Auckland has been evacuated after a bomb scare today.

Police were called to Henderson's Lincoln Court Motel, opposite Waitakere Hospital, this morning. A man was subsequently arrested just before midday, for breaching his release conditions.

A dozen police officers swarmed the motel and called in a Defence Force bomb disposal team. The police said there was "no risk posed by the items", and the cordon that had been put up would be removed.

Speaking to the Herald, Lincoln Court Motel guest Tony Boyd said, "I was told that there are several, supposedly, bombs on site. There are two police vans, a police vehicle, and probably a dozen officers on site."

The Lincoln Court Motel has a 1.5-star rating on TripAdvisor, where reviewers have complained of "low lifes hanging around outside," and "a used condom at the front door of reception." One reviewer wrote that "The owner should be investigated for actually calling this a motel," continuing, "it is actually a brothel."