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Dyson has launched its Supersonic hair dryer with styling attachments engineered for different hair types, further unlocking the potential of its best-selling hair dryer.

It is acoustically tuned for less disturbance. Dyson engineers have tuned the pitch of the hair dryer motor and insulated it within the handle, making it less likely to disturb other hotel guests who may wish to sleep at different times. It is the perfect hair dryer for hotels and leisure. Five-star personal care, for an enhanced customer experience. With intelligent heat control, a balanced design and Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer creates a drying and styling experience – helping to improve customer satisfaction. “The most important thing for us is to exceed guest expectations. This is why we chose to install the Dyson products at our hotel,” said Ian Odendaal, director of engineering, Rosewood London.

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With an intelligent sensor that continuously reads hair temperature and adjusts the heat as necessary, the Infinite Protect Hair Dryer ensures hair never rises over a healthy drying heat of 85 degrees Celsius. The dryer also features an advanced ceramic grille which transfers micro-conditioners infused with Shea Oil and UV filters to guests’ hair as they blow dry. The Infinite Protect Hair Dryer also comes with three heat, two speed and cool shot switches, 7mm and 11mm concentrators to allow guests with all hair types to control airflow and keep hair happy.


Heralded by trend forecasters as the colour of the year, rose gold accessories are becoming the must-have for on-trend accommodation providers. The Nero Luxe hairdryer by Weatherdon reflects the providence of luxury in many ways. A high gloss finish and warm sophisticated glow is an unexpected head turner in the midst of mundane metallic. Weatherdon’s team of gun-designers has made fashion-forward decisions, opting for black and rose gold Off/On heat control buttons, avoiding the traditional red-for-heat and blue-for-cool shot. The cord is two metres long, just that little bit extra to eliminate tedious times or contortion tricks to reach the power point.

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