Often, it’s the little touches that matter. Good tea and coffee making facilities can be the difference between an adequate guest experience and an excellent one. From budget to boutique, providing tired or jetlagged guests with all they need to brew up a hot drink in their room can help create the impression of hospitality at your hotel, leading to repeat business and great reviews.


Pukka is the fastest-growing organic tea and herb brand in the world. Pukka’s aim is to create a healthier, happier world through the incredible power of organic herbs, showcasing a world of incredible organic teas. Pukka is 100% organic, fair from crop to cup through Fair Wild, Fair for Life and Bcorp1% for the Planet (1% of everything Pukka sells goes to environmental causes.)

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Packaged in exclusive degradable packaging, Healthpak’s Café Style sugar and sweetener sticks are the largest range of coordinated sweetener options in the market. From partially refined, certified organic sugar to Fairtrade cane sugar and even Healthpak’s own Stevia sweetener, there is something to suit every taste.

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The place where Arabica and Robusta beans meet for a rounded, balanced flavour is Moccona Medium Roast, a happy medium for coffee lovers. It's full bodied, richly aromatic and just right for guest’s everyday coffee moment.


The Coffex Coffee Nespresso Compatible Capsule range were produced after extensive taste-testing. They come in three different flavours: Strong, a bold, flavourful blend; Medium, for a mild and smooth cup of coffee; and NoCaf, which features premium decaffeinated coffee. Each box comes generously packed with ten capsules.

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Alpro For Professionals Oat is a delicate new alternative milk for use in coffee. It has a neutral taste and is 100 percent organic. Naturally lactose- and dairy-free, oat milk is rich in fibre and has a soft, natural taste. Specially blended for coffee, it helps baristas make the perfect cappuccinos and lattes for customers who want an alternative to dairy milk. With consistent high-quality microfoam, baristas can guarantee a professional delivery every time.

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For the dairy-free consumer, almond milk is a staple milk alternative that perfectly compliments a cup of tea or coffee. The unique formula that makes up Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze comes from over 100 years of experience in growing and harvesting the finest almonds in California. Many growers have been co-op members for generations, so plenty of family pride goes into each carton of Almond Breeze.

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Barista Silk is an organic dairy milk that heats and stretches with ease. Formulated with fat and protein levels designed to provide a creamy finish that complements the best-roasted coffee beans, the milk minimises the time spent ‘stretching’, making it perfect for latte art. With three options – Barista Brown, Barista Lite, and Barista Trim – there’s a Barista Silk milk for every consumer wanting a creamy cappuccino or a foam-free latte.


MILKLAB have spent countless hours blending and testing the perfect coconut milk for coffee. Their unique recipe brings your guests not only a milk that complements the intensity of espresso, but also textures and stretches with any coffee type. Free from gluten, artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, MILKLAB Coconut Milk is an excellent choice for dairy-free coffee leavers keen to enjoy their brew with a touch of indulgence.

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Still the milk of choice for many dairy-free coffee lovers, soy milk offers a neutral, slightly sweet taste that lets the coffee shine through. MILKLAB Soy Milk is formulated from a secret soy blend and is free from artificial colours and gluten. Low in fat, the plant-based milk also works great in tea, on cereal, or drunk fresh from the glass for a quick snack.

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A new face in the dairy-free milk sector, macadamia nut milk is an indulgent, creamy plant-based milk that offers guests something a little bit different. MILKLAB Macadamia Milk will surprise and intrigue dairy-free consumers. Offering a less nutty flavour than almond milk, Macadamia Milk provides a neutral, rich taste to go alongside coffee’s ripe notes.

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