The new Electronic Travel Authority will come into effect from October 1.

The ETA is expected to impact about 1.5 million travellers from 60 countries who previously did not require visitor visas. More than 180,000 people have applied for ETAs since processing opened in July.

Australian citizens are exempt along with Kiwis travelling on New Zealand passports, holders of valid New Zealand vias, crew, and passengers on non-cruise vessels, foreign cargo ship crews, guests of the Government, and visiting defence force personnel.

The ETA costs $12 online or $9 via the mobile phone app, and is being used to collect the $35 per head international visitor levy, raising more than $11 million so far.

The levy is anticipated to raise $450 million over the next five years, and the Government recently announced a ten-member advisory group, commissioned to help decide where the money should be spent.

To see the full list of countries affected, click here.