The Middle East is set to get a taste of New York through a new pizza collaboration operation. Often dubbed the ‘best pizza in New York’. Mathieu Palombino’s Motorino is coming to Dubai. With nine locations around the world, the latest addition will be in collaboration with Dubai’s JA Ocean View Hotel. Palmobino has said that this first foray into the Middle East will be personally opened by himself, and will be fully licensed. The New York Times called Palmobino’s pizza “the best of a new generation of pizzas.”

Motorino’s pizza has many secrets, but the freshness of the ingredients certainly translate to a quality final product. In addition to Motorino’s world-famous pizzas, there will also be antipasti for guests to enjoy.

“You can get pizza anywhere, but great pizza is another story,” said Rob Cunningham, vice president of Food & Beverage. “JA Resorts & Hotels has drafted in Mathieu Palombino of Motorino New York because this is personally the best pizza we’ve ever tasted globally, and we want to bring the best to Dubai. As a company, we want to create community-focused restaurants providing one-of-a-kind experiences that energise everyone.”

“We want to be known for awesome food, killer tunes, and people having an unforgettable time—so we are bringing in globally renowned chefs and concepts to liven up the F&B scene in our properties.”

Mathieu Palombino.