FHA-Food & Beverage 2020 spices up the show floor with all-new feature areas that will load you with plenty of insights and inspire you with a wide range of new ideas and innovations.  

Innovations disrupting the F&B ecosystem

Technology is fast changing every step of the way food is taken from the farm to your fork. Discover the very technologies that are transforming sectors such as agriculture, food processing, packaging, distribution and retail. 

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Solutions for tomorrow transforming the marketplace now

Exciting times lie ahead for all in the FoodTech sphere. Explore new ideas, fresh perspectives and innovations with technology start-ups to future-proof your business. 

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Stay ahead of up-and-coming food ideas and trends

Source for new products in the market which are responding to changing consumer preference for healthier and sustainable food such as kombucha, coconut butter and plant-based meat. 

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Tap into the growing potential of beer

Experience beer-brewing traditions and innovations, refine your beer palate and taste the best brews and flavours catered to the Asian market by craft and boutique brewers. 

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