JUMP by Uber today announced that JUMP e-bikes would be coming to Auckland in 2020, following Auckland Council’s agreement to issue a licence.

JUMP e-bikes will be the first dockless electric bikes to arrive in Auckland, making it easier for people to get around in an affordable, environmentally friendly way.  The expansion of JUMP in New Zealand is part of Uber’s commitment to bringing together multiple modes of transport choices, offering convenient, safe, affordable options for different journey needs.

“We are excited to roll out JUMP’s electric bike and scooter services in Auckland, giving people more options to move around without needing to use a car,” said Henry Greenacre, JUMP General Manager New Zealand.

“JUMP’s custom-built e-bikes are an industry-leading, pedal-assisted electric bike with a reputation for safety, rider comfort and durability. They allow you to ride up hills and take longer commutes to work, without breaking a sweat.

“We’ll also bring to Auckland our second-generation JUMP e-scooter, with larger wheels, better suspension, a lower centre of gravity, fully hidden brake cables and battery, and an even better braking system. All this makes for a more comfortable and safer ride”

“With the launch of JUMP e-bikes and e-scooters in Auckland, we’re bringing new choices about how to get around in a cleaner, smarter way.

“E-scooters are not for everyone, or for every trip. With e-bikes, Aucklanders will now have an option for longer journeys, or a journey where they need to carry some shopping. The more choice Aucklanders have, the more they are able to leave their car at home, helping create a more sustainable and enjoyable city.

“For a long time, the personal car has almost been seen as the only option for how we get around. But with advances in transport technology, we have an opportunity to find better, more sustainable ways of getting around our cities.

“As we have done in Wellington, we are committed to working closely with Auckland Council on making new forms of transport that help our cities move better succeed.

“We are keen to learn and adjust our operations as we grow to ensure Aucklanders have a great experience every time they get on a JUMP e-bike or e-scooter.”