Last month at the annual Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) awards, Shepherd Filters’ disposable kitchen grease filters were named the “2019 Product of the Year.”

These natural wool filters are a game-changer for hospitality businesses. Traditional metal filter change-outs are a huge frustration for kitchen staff, who are required to remove them, soak overnight, and pressure wash in the morning. Such filters only capture 20-40% of the grease, the rest passing through to coat the duct interior, resulting in a costly clean at least once a year.

Shepherd Filters can be changed out with a simple clip process taking under 60 seconds per filter.  Staff will notice it easier to clean kitchen surfaces, as Shepherd Filters capture up to 98 percent of the grease floating in the air, only leaving a minute amount to settle on these surfaces and inside the duct.

What’s more, Shepherd Filters drastically reduce grease fire risk. It only takes 2mm of grease to fuel a kitchen fire, yet standard filters cause major grease build-ups between duct cleans, putting kitchens at risk for a large amount of the year. By never allowing build up, Shepherd Filters protect each hood 365 days of the year.

New Zealand specialist industrial cleaners, Presco Environmental, stumbled across this product in 2016 and now distribute them throughout New Zealand.

“I immediately realised these Shepherd Filters were far superior to any filter I had ever seen before. It became obvious our customers felt the same way,” said Matthew Prestidge, industrial hygiene and indoor air quality advisor at Presco Environmental.

“Clients report multiple benefits, including reduced costs, cleaner surfaces and a better working environment in their kitchens. Such a simple solution to help you and our planet.”

Presco Environmental commenced distributorship of Shepherd Filters throughout NZ in May 2019.

“When we were offered the opportunity to distribute this amazing product in New Zealand, I was honoured,” said Prestidge. “It is a privilege for our company, and we are excited to be sharing our Shepherd Filters passion with kitchens across the country.”

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