Good Health Starts With Clean Air

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the quality of the air we breathe - once taken for granted - has become the most significant threat to people's health and the success of many businesses.

Enter the greatest advantage you could have to control the threats that linger in your everyday environment: IQ Air Filtration systems are proven effective and ideally suited for use in individual rooms and enclosed common areas of restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, aged care, medical and recreational establishments.

Good Health Starts with Clean Air

IQAir offers the most advanced air cleaning solutions for indoor air pollution. The superior performance of the systems has led to the worldwide use of IQAir in the most challenging indoor environments. For example, the systems are used to protect patients and staff against serious infections in critical hospital and healthcare settings and to remove toxic chemicals in high-tech laboratories. The advanced air cleaning technologies used by IQAir are the result of an unparalleled 50-year track record in air purification.

Advanced Multi-Stage Filtration

Each IQAir model features a patented modular housing which allows the system to be equipped with the most effective filtration technologies for specific air quality needs. Only the most efficient and reliable filter media are selected by IQAir to guarantee powerful and reliable long-term performance even for the most demanding and critical applications.

HealthPro® 250

Total system efficiency:

  • ≥99.97% for particles ≥0.3 microns
  • ≥99.5% for particles ≥0.003 microns

HyperHEPA® Filter: Hospital-grade

HEPA filter (class H12/13) for the control of ultrafine particles, allergens, bacteria, viruses, mould spores. Surface area: 5 m2

V5-Cell™ MG Filter: Wide-spectrum MultiGas™ granular media mix for the control of a broad range of chemical pollutants and odours. Content: 2.5 kg

PreMax™ Filter: High-capacity prefilter for (class F8) the control of coarse and fine dust particles. Surface area: 2.8 m2

IQAir’s HyperHEPA Technology

The below graphs are based on independent laboratory tests which determined the HyperHEPA filter’s removal efficiency for various particle size ranges.

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