Auckland Company Manufactures 1million Products Daily

Originally called Sachet Services, Health Pak was established in 1956 and started out packaging pharmaceuticals for the local market. The company soon diversified into the hospitality and accommodation markets.

 “We have been partnering with many of our customers from the day they opened their doors decades ago,” explained Jimi Kennedy-Grant, General Manager Sales & Marketing. 

Family owned and operated Health Pak has grown to the single largest guest amenities manufacturer in Australasia. Two generations of family run the company that has over 80 employees and manufactures on average 1,000,000 products a day in Auckland, New Zealand.

“We are immensely proud of being a New Zealand manufacturer and we go out of our way to ensure that as much of our product is New Zealand made as possible.”

In the case of a bottle of shampoo, Health Pak makes the bottle, the cap and the contents (including in many instances the essential oils), in fact the only part of the product it doesn’t make is the label, which is printed in Glenfield by another family owned New Zealand business, a business Health Pak have been dealing with for almost 25 years. 

“We take our small part of influencing a guest’s overall experience very seriously and strive to ensure that our products showcase the very best of New Zealand Made.”

Health Pak’s 100,000 sqft state of the art facility in Penrose, Auckland is equipped with over 60 packaging lines that handle both food and non-food products in one of the most highly regarded facilities in the country. 

“We have a registered Food Control Plan which includes our HACCP plan and all supporting programs and a NZSFA approved RMP Program for packing honey for export. We can handle all forms of products including those that require special handling such as temperature and humidity-controlled environments,” said Kennedy-Grant.

“We also comply with the Contract Packaging audits from some of the best-known global food producers in the world. In short there is pretty much nothing that we can’t or haven’t packaged at some point. This gives us an unrivalled level of experience and expertise when it comes to developing new products.”

Health Pak has a team of 80, with many of the staff having been with the company for decades, there is even one gentleman who has been with Health Pak for 36 years! 

“We have a great culture in the factory and people doing a factory tour almost always comment about how happy everybody is. We have five onsite engineers and a dedicated QC team of four people to ensure our ongoing commitment to quality New Zealand Made products.”

Health Pak has been an Enviromark Gold certified factory for almost 10 years and go above and beyond when it comes to all aspects of reducing the environmental impact of its products. As a manufacturer, Health Pak has been at the forefront of virtually every environmental innovation in Guest Hair & Body Care products.

Almost 20 years ago the company changed all its personal care liquids & soap formulations to be biodegradable.

“We developed the first soap recycling program in the Southern Hemisphere almost 12 years ago and have recycled over 70 tonnes of soap. We invented the Goodie Bag to encourage guests to take home their partially used Guest Hair and Body Care, finish using them and recycle the packaging in their home recycling.”

The company developed ‘retail style’ dispensers over 10 years ago and have been making shampoo bottles from recycled Anchor Lightproof milk bottles for over six years. They can make six shampoo bottles from one 2L milk bottle.         

“We’ve even recently developed a New Zealand made conditioning shampoo bar specifically for hotels. This requires no packaging at all, and we believe it’s a first of its kind to be offered in the accommodation industry.”

Every one of those innovations has been dually driven by the desire to not only reduce environmental impact, but also to continue to delight guests with New Zealand made products during their stay with Health Pak’s partner hotels and motels.

Hospitality is a key market for Health Pak, both export and at home which means COVID-19 has had a significant impact on sales over the last few months. The company was able to develop and produce several New Zealand made sanitiser products to help the hospitality market help guests overcome any concerns that they may have with regards domestic travel at this time. 

“We are lucky enough to have been making our HandSafe sanitiser products to protect hotel and motel guests for over 20 years,” Kennedy-Grant noted.

The global pandemic has taught everyone in the hospitality industry some tough lessons, Kennedy-Grant learned that o matter how big you get, it is crucial to be flexible and adaptable.

“When the Government announced that we were going into lockdown the team sat down here and worked out what we were going to do to get through. Within two days we had a plan and we were converting excess production to new products that we were able to manufacture and sell through lock down.”

Health Pak is incredibly proud to be a Kiwi business, the company puts an emphasis on New Zealand indigenous botanical ingredients in its Hair & Body Care products.

“We often say that our products are Made in New Zealand and Made of New Zealand. Guests, local or international, all want to experience the best of New Zealand and to have a genuine connection to the environment they are visiting,” express Kennedy-Grant. 

“We can do this in a way that not only gives them a genuine New Zealand experience, it also helps protect that environment for future generations by being as environmentally friendly as possible.”