Ski Club Rebuilt 34 Years After Avalanche

A ski lodge in Tekapo which was wrecked in an avalanche 34 years ago, forcing it to ‘temporarily’ relocate 200km away, has finally reopened back in its old homeland.

Tekapo Ski Club Lodge has officially reopened with a $1.1 million building standing in the place of the original lodge which was destroyed by an avalanche at the edge of the ski field in 1986.

The original Tekapo ski lodge

There were no ski fields open in Tekapo by the time the insurance pay out came through, so the club established and used a lodge in Albert Town in Wanaka. The committee sold that building in 2015 in order to rebuild on the lakefront in Tekapo near the ski field it represents.

Tekapo Ski Club committee member Gendie Woods said it was wonderful to have the new building completed. The lodge sleeps 24, has two king bedrooms with ensuites, a kitchen, dishwasher, laundry, log burner, heat pump and free Wifi.

“It is built with energy conservation in mind, with gas heated water, double-glazed and facing the sun,” noted Woods.

“Everyone at the opening commented on how warm it felt and inviting and spacious.”

Once compliance documentation is signed off the lodge will be ready for bookings.