Ovolo Hotels Go Vegetarian For A Whole Year

Being on a vegetarian diet can be hard when eating out with friends. The chances of going to a restaurant where there is only one option that is vegetarian-friendly, or at times, not at all, can be daunting for restaurant-goers. This remains the same for hotels, whether it be via their room-service menus or within their in-house dining offering, it is an issue that should not be looked over lightly.

Ovolo Hotels will be going entirely vegetarian for a full year and this decision was made as part of the new "Year of the Veg" initiative that is being promoted across Australia and Hong Kong. The "Year of the Veg" challenges restaurants and chefs to provide a plant-based menu for the whole year.

The Ovolo Hotel menus in both Australia and Hong Kong will bring the boldest and most forward-thinking vegetarian dishes to the table. The dishes celebrate fresh, locally-sourced taste sensations, that just happens to be good for you and the environment. It is a sensory adventure into ethical eating, conscious cuisine and cutting-edge veg.

VEDA - Hong Kong