New Leading Tech for Ice Machine Sanitation

Scotsman is leading the market in ice safety, cleanliness, and maintenance with the introduction of XSafe to their ice makers.

XSafe is an ice machine sanitation system that uses high-powered UV light to create treated air, circulating through the machine, defending against viruses, bacteria, mould, and yeast. It is a small box added to the case of the ice maker, which sprays the treated air onto the ice, evaporator and ice bin without using chemicals or leaving residue.

A major food safety issue in hospitality are the bacteria and viruses found in water and dirty ice maker evaporators. These cause water-borne viral infections and food poisoning. Whilst the water filters remove mineral and lime build-up, XSafe takes care of the rest.

Scotsman has introduced XSafe to most of its ice makers and will be a standard feature of future products, with minimal cost increase but massive value increase.