Lighting Trends 2021

Hospitality is all about creating the perfect environment and ambience to transport customers to a world of elegance and relaxation for the duration of their stay. Whether a hotel, restaurant, or resort, a hospitality space needs to be as inviting as it is charming, and sometimes even astonishing, to create a unique experience for guests.

As a result, hospitality spaces are designed to impress, with visually interesting and exciting interiors. Sometimes they are designed to showcase a theme or brand.

Lighting is an important element of the design process. Lighting is functional in illuminating a space, but also creates mood and ambience. In hospitality spaces, lighting requires a layered approach with ambient illumination, task, and focal lights to achieve both visually attractive and functional interiors. Therefore, designers use a combination of architectural and decorative lighting. Ambient lights provide overall illumination, while concealed, architectural lights provide task and focus lighting.

Constant innovation and designers seeking new aesthetics has led lighting manufacturers to develop creative and stylised solutions. Apart from traditional ceiling and wall lights, designers utilise decorative lights to create special environments. From hidden lights in the ceiling to lights as walls or dividers, there is exciting opportunity to add creative elements to a space. Whatever mood suits your design – grand, classic, modern, contemporary, luxurious or eclectic – it can be achieved with lighting.

Decorative ceiling lights or chandeliers are a prominent ambient light source. There are many chandelier designs, from classic to geometric to abstract, or even a blend. One chandelier could be the centrepiece of an entire lobby, or lots of smaller ones.

Pendant lights can be fixated anywhere on the ceiling. They can also be used for the bedside, room corner, or living room for a new aesthetic.

Similarly, hidden lights can make up for the glare or deficient lighting of ambient lights. They help to diffuse light across the room. Focus lights highlight objects like sculptures, artworks or table-tops. The contrast between soft and sharp light completes the lighting scheme in a world of creativity.

Hospitality spaces also need wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps. These lights help minimise shadows by adding an extra layer of lights. They also add a sculptural element.

A layered scheme of lighting includes a blend of decorative chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, wall art, and screens. Carefully designed layers of lights can create a beautiful yet functional space.

Czech designer and producer of decorative light fixtures, glass objects and architectural features, Sans Souci specialises in hospitality lighting. With the ability to custom make statement lights to any scale, Sans Souci creates tailor-made installations for lobbies, reception areas, restaurants, ballrooms and bedrooms.

At the Widenmoos resort in Switzerland, Sans Souci decorated the dining room with Antler lights, which integrates technology and innovation to provide lights with adjustable luminosity. Aurora can be programmed to display different coloured fans, rays or drapes of lights, from an iPad or iPhone.

San Souci also showcases wall lights that double as art, as well as curtain-like lights, can be used to separate spaces, or create intimate spaces.