AirNZ to Link My Vaccine Pass to Airline App

From the 9th of December, Air New Zealand customers will be able to link their My Vaccine Pass with Air New Zealand’s app, giving vaccinated customers a more seamless experience when flying domestically.

From December 14, anyone over 12 years old will need to be vaccinated or produce a negative COVID-19 test in order fly domestically on Air New Zealand. The airline said customers would be able to link their vaccine pass to the Air New Zealand app, allowing them to get their boarding pass straight to their phone.

Airpoints members would be able to confirm their vaccination status by scanning their My Vaccine Pass using the app, which would then be verified.

A record of the verification would be kept, but not a copy of the QR code, or pass itself, and customers would be able to delete the record at any time from directly within their profile, it said.

Customers who did not want to upload their My Vaccine Pass to their Airpoints profile would need to have their My Vaccine Pass verified at a check in kiosk, or if checking-in online they would be asked to submit it online.

Air New Zealand general manager loyalty Kate O’Brien said it was expecting more than 300,000 customers to be travelling over the second half of December.

“The easiest way to travel this summer will be to link the vaccine pass to your Airpoints account.”

COVID-19 had provided an opportunity for the airline to step back and reassess what it was doing with the loyalty programme, she said, adding that a three-year transformation strategy aimed at growing the programme had been developed.

“It is a big area of opportunity for the airline.”