Peter-Ray Moroney, Owner and Manager, Browns Boutique Hotel

Peter-Ray Moroney, owner and manager of Browns Boutique Hotel, is a man of many talents.

Before settling down as a hotel owner in Queenstown, Peter-Ray explored many different job titles and professions as a hotel manager, professional firefighter, real estate company owner, licensed auctioneer, and personal trainer.

Returning to Hospitality in 2015, he has been immersed in the promotion and management of Browns Boutique Hotel with the assistance of his daughter Danielle who has an extensive background in Corporate and International Travel.

Browns Boutique Hotel’s point of difference is that it delivers personalized hotel customer service as Peter-Ray and his family live on-site. They are often seen baking, gardening, or sharing a glass of Pinot with their guests in front of the open fire. “That’s when I’m not lucky enough to be off hunting or spearfishing,” said Peter-Ray.

The pandemic has significantly impacted the hospitality industry worldwide. With border closures and lockdown restrictions, there was a considerable decrease in travellers from overseas.

Originally a haven in Queenstown for European and American Travellers and Honeymooners, Browns Boutique Hotel has shifted its target audience to focus more on the domestic market and increase its local exposure via social media.

“Covid enabled us to focus more on our social media profile, which was virtually non-existent before, and now I enjoy entertaining influencers and posting interesting things about Queenstown on Facebook and Instagram that circulate all over the world.”

Peter-Ray believes that their guest profile has not changed throughout the pandemic, only the country of origin. The hotel still primarily caters to couples aged 40 years and older who love travel, tramping, skiing, and romance in the understated comfort of the Browns and an occasional splash of young Honeymoon couples.

In the future, when borders reopen and some form of normality returns, Peter-Ray hopes to continue welcoming back all the domestic guests that took the time to discover and support their lovely little hotel during the pandemic.

The last couple of years have been difficult for Browns Boutique hotel. Therefore, Peter-Ray is very grateful for the genuine guests that visited them over that period.

“I take my hat off to the Kiwis from all over New Zealand who have taken the opportunity to visit Queenstown and to discover for themselves what a fantastic gem we have here hiding in the amazing South.”