New Live Wi-Fi Innovation to Increase Hotel Bookings

Hotel operators can now guarantee the speed and reliability of their Wi-Fi to guests before bookings, thanks to a new innovative internet monitoring solution.

Epitiro, a remote internet performance measuring service, has developed a new widget that can be easily added to any hotel website to reveal real-time Wi-Fi performance figures, averaged for any period of time.

According to Des Owens, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Epitiro, Wi-Fi has become an integral part of a hotel guest’s experience. It is relied upon to support high levels of connected data, utilised by a growing number of personal and business devices.

As the connected world evolves, customer expectations for fast and reliable Wi-Fi have skyrocketed, making it critical to guests’ hotel stays.

Epitiro’s ground-breaking widget has been designed to help the hospitality industry meet these service demands by providing a live snapshot of what guests are actually experiencing.

The remote Wi-Fi monitoring system adopts plug and play ‘virtual agents’ to measure and report on end-to-end internet services round the clock.

To ensure Wi-Fi and mobile data services are of the highest possible performance standards, the system keeps a check on internet speed, service availability, accessibility, reliability, and application performance.

The new widget can also be included on a hotel group’s intranet, alongside results for other hotel networks, to offer a summary of W-Fi performance across all premises in real-time.

“This allows IT managers or managed service providers (MSPs) to react swiftly should things go wrong,” said Owens.

“They can select which metrics to include – from upload and download speeds to web page load times and latency – while Epitiro’s in-depth suite of tests and diagnostics enables them to dig beneath the surface to remotely troubleshoot, where and when required.”

In the world of hotel marketing, where Wi-Fi and internet performance are tied to brand perception and quality, showing guests your performance can help garner new bookings and maintain customer loyalty.