FOR SALE: Old-fashioned Canopy Bed

Built in 1994 by a cabinet marker residing in Royal Deeside in Scotland, the four-poster canopy bed features two 19th century posts, a fitted counterpane, two large pillows, and bespoke 'dressings' in cream and baby blue.

Four-poster canopy bed for sale

Perfect for boutique hotel owners seeking to add a vintage décor touch to their guest room!

Bed dimension: 2.0 metres x 1.6 metres x 2.2 metres.

Specially made to fit the frame by a workshop in Aberdeen, Scotland, the mattress comes in two pieces, each 1.0 metres x 1.6 metres x 0.15 metres.

Total mattress dimension: 2.0 metres x 1.6 metres.

The buyer will need to attend the dismantling process to re-assemble the bed.

Pick-up near Tauranga, New Zealand.

If you are interested, please contact: