Torrens University Nurtures Future Industry Leaders

Torrens University Australia and long-time partner, TFE Hotels, have launched a custom short-course portal designed to retain and nurture talent in hospitality.

Torrens University’s Smart Skill micro qualifications give TFE team members the ability to earn additional qualifications whilst completing university coursework. In return, Torrens University hospitality students will have access to real-world internships across TFE’s 48-strong Australian hotel network.

Darryn Melrose, CMO and Head of Industry Partnerships at Torrens University said their focus was on nurturing talent and future leaders in the hospitality sector.

“This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to fostering excellence within the hospitality sector and promoting continuous learning and development.”

TFE Hotels’ Learning & Organisational Development Manager, Matthew Peade, said a skilled and knowledgeable workforce was critical in delivering exceptional guest experiences.

“Torrens University’s Smart Skill micro qualifications cover a range of topics, allowing graduates to enter the real world with transferable skills across a wide range of topics,” said Peade. “In addition, we are excited to offer TFE team members increased access to the wide diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Torrens University.”

Over the past five years, TFE Hotels has assisted Torrens University with around six student placements per semester, with more than a quarter of these progressing into full or part-time work within TFE’s Australia/New Zealand network.

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University alumnus Aalap Rammurthy undertook a semester’s practical internship at TFE’s Adina Apartment Hotel Surry Hills and is now a full-time TFE employee

“The GM at the time, Kristin Alderman, called me in for an interview and I was hired on the spot,” he said.

Regional General Manager, Emma Soutter, said TFE Hotels was growing its story as Australia’s International Hotel Group and, as one of the few Australian-based hotel operators, continues to offer great opportunities across a growing global network both in Australia and abroad.