Designer hotel brand QT Hotels & Resorts is offering a dining experience centred on everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure, chocolate.

To celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7, QT is cooking ‘Room for Dessert’, a unique dessert experience.

Across QT’s signature restaurants, diners will be given the option to order ‘Room for Dessert’ directly from the menu between 2-8 July. Once ordered, guests will be presented with sweet treats, with a twist – a room key, that will automatically check them in for the night.

Hotels participating include QT Museum Wellington and QT Queenstown, both designing desserts to share with a guest.

At QT Museum Wellington, Hippopotamus Restaurant will serve up a chocolate dessert with its perfect pairing, red wine. The offerings include a sphere of dark chocolate and raspberry mousse encased in a decadent shell complete with a ricotta chocolate centre and a QT Harbourview King room key.

Guests visiting Bazaar Interactive Marketplace or Reds Bar at QT Wellington will be treated with a drinkable delight. Designed by experts, the cocktail consisting of a delightful concoction of rum, orange liqueur, Port and chocolate bitters. Complete with a chocolate garnish and golden truffles, and a key to QT Queenstown’s Lake King Room.

The offering is very limited and is only available to guests on the night of dining.