CutShop team in their workshop.

The idea for Cutshop came about when a family kitchen needed renovating but it was difficult to find someone to cut exactly what was needed to fill the unique space.

A gap in the market was spotted for a contract cutting service to support the trades who wanted sheet material cut, edged and drilled for the products they produce, like kitchens, cabinets and shelves.

Cutshop has a vast resume of completed projects, including a progressive fit-out for a high occupancy hotel in Auckland.  Remarkably, the 150 guestrooms they were working on had to stay open while renovations were underway, however, this was no issue for the team at Cutshop and project management company Syracuse Joinery Collective, led by Wayne Billings.

“They’ve carried out many other jobs for hotel and motel owners and even completed fit-outs for hospitals,” said Billings.  “While hospitals are not in the hotel space, they have many of the same needs and requirements as well as posing the same types of challenges.

“When a hotel or motel owner is refurbishing a property, the most important thing to keep in mind is the design of the room. To have the most impact on guests, a room must be nicely laid out, with spacious well-made cabinetry and furniture that’s functional and solid. Getting a new fit-out with the support of Cutshop is the perfect way to ensure a property makes a great first impression.

“With accommodation providers,  it can also be tempting to rip everything apart and start from the ground up. Despite this, it can be much more cost effective to renovate what you already have rather than starting from scratch.”

The service Cutshop provides, means anything can be given a facelift or refurbed. The age of the cabinetry and furniture shouldn’t be a concern for any owner.

As design trends lean towards more patterns and brighter, contrasting colours, Cutshop is adapting with the times. Patterns and textures can be created using its CNC machines,which are able to provide contrast and character.

Traditionally in retail shops, shop owners will refit and produce a new look around every five years. Due to the size and scale of hotels and motels, refreshes aren’t completed as frequently. A makeover, however, is important for the same reasons; it gives a fresh, clean, modern feel to a property which always translates to higher value customers and better revenue per room.

It’s difficult to upgrade one aspect of a room and not the others, as once you’ve refaced a motel’s kitchen other parts will look tired in comparison. Therefore, the biggest opportunities come when fitting out an entire room all at once.

“Undertaking a major refit can be a significant outlay in cost, especially when ripping out and starting from scratch, and this often puts a lot of owners and operators off.”

“The alternative is to refresh progressively. This delivers an equal result but instead does it in a way that helps the owner manage cash-flow and debt. This way, it can also be done more regularly, which keeps products fresher, which in turn helps generate revenue.”

Syracuse and Cutshop’s approach is to progressively refurbish to achieve the same result, but with less cost and hassle than completely starting from scratch.

Cutshop cuts and delivers nationally, and has three factories, in Albany and Mount Wellington, Auckland, and in Hamilton.

Visit Cutshop at or give them a call on 0800 288 7467 to start your next refresh or refit project.