Hotel Yehuda in Jerusalem has started the year off with a sale unlike any other, “Make babies in our resort on February 29th and you’ll celebrate your life events at the hotel, on us.”

The luxury Jerusalem hotel is hoping to tread on fertile ground, at least twice, in a deal to celebrate Leap Year by offering the first two couples who conceive a child while staying in one of its rooms on February 29 a free bris, bar or bat mitzvah, and wedding.

Yossi Tzarfati, chief creative officer of Tel Aviv’s Agency 23, which launched the hotel’s unusual campaign, said the idea was conceived to celebrate Leap Year’s Hebrew double entendre.

“You know, the Leap Year in Hebrew means a ‘pregnant year,’” said Tzarfati. “So, the idea was: Come to our hotel on February 29, and if you should get pregnant there that day, nine months later we will give the first two [winners] – who meet the terms with proper certification proving the pregnancy actually occurred on Feb. 29 – a whole package that includes a bris, bar mitzvah and wedding itself.”

Proof of pregnancy while at the hotel must be confirmed by a physician. So far, the offer has paid off handsomely.

“We’ve got a lot of PR all over the place since we started this campaign,” Tzarfati said.

The hotel received nearly 1,000 calls in 24 hours alone.

“Already 50% of our rooms are booked for Leap Day.”

Tzarfati said the hotel’s Facebook page “is on fire,” adding that a video promoting the deal already has had 100,000 views.

“The funniest thing is that we have women on our Facebook page commenting to tell their husbands: ‘C’mon, let’s get to work!’

“One woman posted: ‘I think it’s going to be noisy at your hotel on February 29. I want to see the manager now!’”

One woman commended the hotel for being so proactive.

“Israel is a country that does nothing to encourage birth, and finally somebody is doing something about it,” she wrote.

Featuring designer rooms, romantic views of the Massuah Hills, a swimming pool, spa, synagogue, gym, and numerous other amenities, Tzarfati said he is certain the Hotel Yehuda is the place to be for young couples this Leap Day.

“This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.”