For holidaymakers wanting to book a stay that’s out of this world, TripAdvisor has compiled 12 Hotels You Need To See To Believe. Check them out.

The Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam in The Netherlands looks like it has been taken from a storybook, with unique and modern rooms.

The Faralda Crane Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands has been met with responses from guests such as, “It’s an experience. It’s ‘WOW’, ‘Did I just see that?’ and ‘Oh My GOODNESS, I can’t believe these views”.

Considered an “amazing piece of art”, the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in Huzhou, China comes with incredible interior decorations, furniture, food and service.

The unique Hotel Jested in Liberec, Czech Republic has guests sleeping in 70’s looking sci-fi rooms, high above the clouds.

The 9 Hours Capsule Hotel Kyoto in Japan has guests staying just for the experience. It is like sleeping in a spaceship.

Tourists are left surprised when the bus comes around the corner and there’s a cruise ship on top of a hill at Sun Cruise Resort in Gangwon-do, South Korea.

For a unique one off experience, almost like staying in a five star living museum with a touch of luxury, guests can choose Spitbank Fort in Gosport, England.

Free Spirit Spheres in British Columbia, Canada is a unique experience for guests to sleep in the forest and hear the birds and deers.

For guests who like things a little quirky, The Aurora Express in Alaska, US is a must-see bed and breakfast.

While traveling portions of old Route 66, there are a few places that are a must stop. Wigwam Motel, Arizona in US is one of them.

Every imagination that guests have is brought to life in the rooms of La Balade des Gnomes in Durbury, Belgium.

Hotel Costa Verde, Manuel Antonio in National Park, Costa Rica is an airplane, with stunning views from both deck areas.