Helping guests get a good night’s sleep should be a top priority for hotels and accommodation providers to gain a more competitive advantage in the hotel industry. Both leisure and corporate travellers continue to demand more from a hotel stay, and increasingly share their level of satisfaction online. Hotels are striving to provide their guests with a great experience and the bed is one centrepiece that should stand out above all, one that leaves an indelible imprint on the overall impression. As it is somewhere where guests spend the most of their time, it is vital that a comfortable and supportive bed is at the ready.

A.H Beard has a comprehensive range of beds available to choose from, and their experienced team can assist in taking property managers through the options to find products that provide the best possible outcome for their guests.

A good night’s sleep will leave the guests revitalised for the rest of their stay, and all appreciate uninterrupted sleep. A loyal guest can be acquired should a bed and sleep rival or betters their home experience.

With over 115 years of bedding experience, and a commitment to superior sleep that spans five generations, King Koil by A.H Beard is a trusted choice for the hotel industry. King Koil is the only manufacturer to carry an endorsement from the International Chiropractors Association, this together with utilising latest spring technologies ensures commercial mattresses are designed to endure the rigours of the accommodation environment, while providing a comfortable night’s sleep for guests. In addition to this, their commercial range features fire retardant fabrics that exceed European standards. A.H Beard also provides ergonomically placed handles on the mattresses, bases with designer fabrics and recessed legs to make life easier for housekeeping staff and to keep the look of the beds contemporary.

The King Koil commercial range is backed by our 10-year guarantee that gives its customers the peace of mind that they are purchasing a quality product that will last.

All products are manufactured in New Zealand and are thoroughly tested to ensure that they perform to the highest standard for commercial customers.