Z Energy is proposing the idea of refusing service to Wicked Campers in New Zealand.

The controversial campervan hire company, which has been in the headlines for years with its borderline misogynist and offensive slogans, has steadfastly refused to comment on the matter.

On Facebook, Z Energy posted "We've had a few suggestions that as a community-focused Kiwi company we should refuse to fill up Wicked Camper vans due to the slogans and messages that appear on them. So what do you reckon?"

The company posed the question alongside four of the "mildest" examples of Wicked slogans and said there were many slogans Z Energy would not circulate.

The post attracted almost 200 comments, many overwhelmingly in favour of refusing service to backpackers in Wicked vehicles.

Others questioned the merits of refusing to serve a law-abiding company.

Wicked founder and owner John Webb has been silently defiant in the face of the latest uproar.

The public backlash has been mounting, with Wicked labelled offensive by councils, Lonely Planet guidebooks, the Department of Conservation and the Government.